Brolly Marketing is delighted to share our latest podcast – ‘Business Development and Growth’!

Listen to the podcast right here:

Sharon Shapiro, co-founder of Brolly Marketing and Managing Director of Balcombe Ltd., and Stephen McAlister, business leadership and development consultant at Brolly Marketing, discuss business development and growth. They discuss this with particular emphasis on the current Covid19 lockdown, and how that might affect your plans. Indeed, is development and growth even possible in the current climate? They are interviewed by Dave Harries, Brolly Marketing associate and founder of Dave Harries Communications.

Sharon, Stephen and Dave are all associates at Brolly Marketing. In this podcast, they each share their own experience of developing their business, and how lockdown could be, for some, a time to focus on finding new ways to grow your business.

You can view Balcombe Ltd.’s website here.
You can view Dave Harries Communications’ website here.

Dave Harries

Sharon Shapiro

Stephen McAlister