Company Brochures

Does your business really need a brochure?

You need prospects to know about your products or services – and brochures are a brilliant tool to help you achieve this.

Brochures grab your potential clients’ attention, and stay on your prospect’s desk for a while. That’s why, unlike a website or email, they tend to be valued and so retained for reference.

In this increasingly digital age, the personal touch of a brochure has a much bigger impact.

You need to produce a well-written, benefit-led brochure if you want to take advantage of this tool and make a great impression on potential clients.

Show off your credibility

Some key benefits of a company brochure include:

  • Prospects retain them, keeping you top-of-mind
  • Brochures work well when handed out at a sales pitch
  • High-quality brochures give ‘inferred’ prestige
  • Brochures reinforce your sales message

Brochures give credibility to your business by showing that you feel so strongly about what you offer, that you’ve created a brochure to illustrate it.

Brochures have a huge impact on readers because it’s something they can hold in their hands and look at. You’ll make your prospects sit up and take notice of you if you have one.

Keep your costs down

A corporate brochure can sometimes be printed digitally, which reduces yours costs significantly.

To cut expenses, you could consider:

  • Printing digitally – reduces print costs
  • Shell folders – to update your brochure cheaply
  • Bindings – can be produced more cheaply

Printing digitally allows you to easily and cheaply update your brochure as your products or services change.

If you are in a marketplace where products or prices change regularly, this is a great way of standing out from the crowd whilst still keeping down your costs.

Highlight your USPs

Your successful brochure will:

  • Draw your reader in with benefit-led headings
  • Highlight your USPs
  • Include friendly pictures of your staff
  • Focus on your client

With a company brochure, you can keep your printing costs down whilst still benefitting from a superb marketing tool that entices your readers and encourages them to get in touch.

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