Superb copywriting is critical to getting your message across.

If you want potential clients to pick you, then your copywriting needs to be spot on. Whether you’re writing a web-page, blog post, case study or brochure – effective copy can make or break the outcome.

When someone visits your website, you have only 8 seconds to make a big first impression. They will take in your picture at a glance, then scan your web page and get the gist of what you’re all about.

Here, ease of reading and using tried and tested ways of formatting makes a huge difference to impact.

Format, layout, writing style, syntax, headings, bullets & captions all contribute to the final effectiveness of everything you write – wherever or however, it is going to be used.

From visitor… to interested reader… to lead!

Superb copywriting is critical to ensure that you demonstrate the compelling reasons why your business is the pick of the bunch.

It’s also essential to explain how your services or products will make a difference to the reader – this might better value for money, better quality, or better service.

You need impactful ‘read-me-now’ content for your:

  • Social media
  • Webpages
  • E-shots, newsletters & direct mail
  • Blogs, case studies & brochures
  • White papers & articles
  • Leaflets & information sheets
  • Adverts, editorials & advertorials

Next, you need to convert your visitor from a reader to a lead. That way, you’ll achieve the ‘buy-me-now’, ‘ask-for-a-demo-now’ or ‘call-me-now’ enquirer.

Great copywriting helps stir your web visitor to do something proactive. That’s what turns your visitor… into an interested reader… into a lead.

Explain complex messages… simply!

Writing copy looks easy: sadly isn’t. You need your text to remain light, informative, easy to read, whilst sometimes conveying complex messages.

You need to avoid jargon, endless feature lists and dull copy about your company!

There is a lot of research on what will and won’t work, and there are tried and tested ways of getting the optimum result.

Increase your number of enquiries

Effective website copy is crucial to:

  • Showing what’s special about you
  • Demonstrating credibility
  • Improving your response & conversion rates
  • Qualifying leads in advance
  • Converting visitors to prospects
  • Improving your search ranking

If you want superb copy, which uses best practice and the latest response research, to help your business to do all these things, then Brolly Marketing can help.

Watch our video

This video is a presentation by Nicola Ryall to a recent ActionCoach workshop. It features lots of great info on how to make your copy customer and benefit led.

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