Sell directly to your customers with e-commerce

Revenue from e-commerce recently overtook the sales figures of the high street for the very first time, and the UK has one of the highest levels of online shopping in the world.

If you already sell products or services, e-commerce offers you a great way to make more profit than through your existing sales channels.

Even if you don’t currently sell directly to consumers, there may be opportunities for you to sell your services directly from your website, which could create a whole new revenue channel for you.

Selling directly from your website also means you get paid immediately, which everyone in business appreciates!

E-commerce enables you to:

  • Be more profitable than existing sales channels
  • Access a much wider – even global – market
  • Sell your services directly to consumers
  • Engage with customers via coupons & offers
  • Get paid immediately for every sale

Easily add e-commerce

Brolly marketing are experts at adding easy-to-use, low cost e-commerce to your site – ideal for SMEs and professional services providers.

We recommend WooCommerce, which is free, and which works fantastically for online shops with up to 1000 SKUs (product lines). We can also install and support other systems including Magento and Shopify.

We help you to:

  • Create & change products, details & prices
  • Run a subscription-based membership site
  • Add product search & filter by price and category
  • Offer different levels of subscription / membership
  • Provide product bundles
  • Give site-wide & product / volume-based discounts
  • Sell gift cards & downloadable products
  • Display products in multiple categories

Easy payment setup

You can take payments using your existing card services provider if you have one, or we can easily set up an account for you with Paypal or Stripe.

With e-commerce on your site, it’s critical that your site is totally secure, and backed up daily. If you need different hosting, we can make recommendations for you, and we also offer a maintenance package which includes:

  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Alert monitoring & investigation if required
  • Daily backups
  • Updating of WordPress and plugins
  • 1 hours’ basic site amends

Adding e-commerce to your site is a great way to build engagement with your customers, improve your margins, and widen your reach.

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