Did you know that over 1.6 billion users visit Facebook every day?

Local businesses offering services to their community thrive on Facebook – so if you’re one of these you definitely need to be on there.

It is also ideal if you’re selling more niche consumer products or services – especially if it is new to market.

It’s a great place to draw attention to your services and products: and encourage recommendations (shares, likes & comments) from your happy customers.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with a Facebook business page, you need to know how to grow it.

I’ve already shown you how to set up a business page on Facebook – but if you want to make a splash on the platform, you need to go further.

You can do this without breaking the bank – which is why I’ve outlined below how to grow your Facebook business page organically (without spending any money at all!).

Read on!

Fill in the details & buttons

Whilst this step may not be the sexiest, it’s crucial to achieving success on Facebook. Later, we’ll be trying to direct Facebook users to your business page. But there’s no point doing this if, once they get there, they don’t know what to do next.

Navigate to your business page and click on ‘Edit page info’ on the left side of your screen.

From there, make sure you fill in your:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Website link
  • Address
  • Opening hours

That way, if visitors to your page want to contact you, they are able to do so.

It’s also important, when on this page, to give your business page a username. You can fill this in on the second section of the page (see below). 


Finally, you need to give a purpose to the button at the top of your Facebook page. This is positioned underneath your banner image, to the right of your profile picture and username.

You can see some of the different options you have for using this button below. 



Pick one that’s relevant for what you do, and is most likely to convert a page visitor into a lead.

Post original content

Now that your business Facebook page is looking fantastic, you need to start posting ‘original’ content (otherwise known as content you’ve written yourself).

By writing your own posts, without copying from others, you give potential followers content that they can’t find elsewhere.

This could include:

  • Updates on company activities & events
  • Alerts about upcoming events that benefit your reader
  • Top tips relating to your field
  • News from across the sector
  • Images supporting your main post
  • Videos reinforcing your message

If all your posts advertise company products / services, your visitors won’t want to follow you – so, avoid sales messages! Instead, take a personable approach to communicating with your audience.

Make sure to include images and videos (created by your company) when and where possible. These draw people to your posts, as visual information is easier and more attractive to absorb.

You can also make use of Facebook’s ‘Pin’ tool. This allows you to pin one post to the top of your Facebook page, so that it’s the first thing new visitors see. It’s worth doing this with really important ancillary information.

For example, if you’re a restaurant – can you pin a menu? Or if you’re a beautician, can you pin a list of services and prices?

If you’re offering events (e.g. for yoga teachers!) can you say when you’re regular classes are and when your next special workshop will be running?


Videos help to reinforce your main company message

Make use of your network by inviting followers

You now have lots of great content on your business Facebook page – so, you need people to see it!

You can make this happen by reaching out to friends, family and colleagues who use Facebook regularly, and asking them to ‘invite’ their friends to follow your page.

They can do this by:

  1. Navigating to your business page
  2. Clicking on the three dots [ … ] on the right side of the screen
  3. Pressing ‘Invite friends’
  4. Sending invitations to everyone you want to invite

By asking as many people as possible to do this, you’ll make sure that lots of new people follow your page and see your posts.

Join Facebook groups – and start posting!

Joining Facebook groups is another great method of raising the profile of your business page. This feature is predominantly unique to Facebook, so it’s important that you know how to use it.

By searching (in the search bar) for groups, you can join in discussions related to your…

  • Local area
  • Industry
  • Interests

… and spread the word about your newly set-up page. Just double check that you’ve read the group’s rules (every group has them), so you don’t post anything that’s considered unhelpful or ‘spam’.

Instead, make your posts in these groups relevant to the discussions taking place – whilst also making people aware of your page as well as any upcoming events where possible.

Spread the word on other platforms

Now your company is on Facebook, and growing fast – so you need to let people know! Telling your friends, family and colleagues to invite followers is one thing, but you can do more than this.

You can also post about your Facebook page on your:

  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Other social media accounts
  • Pretty much anywhere!

This way, people will know that you’re posting fantastic Facebook content – and that they need to be following you!

After all this, you may want to consider Facebook ads. This is a worthwhile, cost-effective tool to raise your page’s profile, but you should get help from a professional when doing this.

If you need help building up your business Facebook page, or running Facebook ads, then Brolly Marketing can help.