Nicola Ryall

An experienced marketing specialist providing reliable marketing & business advice

More about Nicola
If you want a fresh perspective on your company’s marketing strategy, then Nicola can help.

She works with you to:

• Develop an effective marketing strategy
• Tailor your marketing strategy to meet your objectives
• Secure a good return on your investment
• Reach new prospects
• Create a new website
• Generate regular & effective social media activity
• Produce fantastic marketing collateral
• Harness the full potential of LinkedIn

You also benefit from an associate with the experience to mentor and train your in-house staff. This helps to deliver your marketing campaigns cost-effectively, whilst developing a knowledge-bank for you to draw on for future projects.

Nicola cut her teeth at American Express and Coca-Cola, heading up the marketing database team in both companies. She has since run her own successful marketing company, Ryall Marketing, for over 28 years.

When working with Nicola, you benefit from her specialist marketing experience, and her focus on getting you the best return on investment possible.

Sharon Shapiro

Training your sales team & generating worthwhile leads for your business

More about Sharon

If you want to increase your sales and securely grow your business, then Sharon can help.

She works with you to:

  • Train your sales team
  • Develop your CRM
  • Qualify your leads properly
  • Set appointments with qualified leads
  • Build & maintain your marketing database
  • Grow your margins
  • Gain introductions & referrals
  • Open new sales channels

You will be shown how to identify your best leads by working with Sharon. She uses her 30 years sales experience to achieve this, as well as her use of the optimum tools to match your circumstances.

Sharon started out as a sales ‘rep on the road’, meeting with clients to secure their business. She has since built up her own firm, ‘Balcombe Ltd.’, which has helped businesses perfect their sales process for over 23 years.

You can also benefit from Sharon’s experience in both setting appointments and closing sales on your behalf. She helps you to maintain an effective sales pipeline – so your business can keep developing.

Stephen McAlister

Helping you to achieve a successful future through level-headed mentoring and advice

More about Stephen

If you want a level-headed business mentor to help you identify and achieve practical business objectives, then Stephen can help.

He will work with you to:

  • Identify & capitalise on growth opportunities
  • Grow your sales
  • Improve your margins
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Invest with the right specialists
  • Increase your business’ productivity & efficiency

Stephen thoroughly examines and challenges your thought process, to ensure that your key business decisions are sustainable.

By working with Stephen, you benefit from his experience in getting things done through planning and collaboration. Stephen acts as your sounding board, to help you ‘sanity-check’ your ideas.

Stephen cut his teeth at PepsiCo and Unilever. He then built-up and sold ‘Wiggle’, an online sports retailer, in a multi-million-pound exit in 2010. Stephen uses this experience to guide your business towards similar levels of success. That way, you know that you are dealing with someone who has ‘been there and done it’.

“88 percent of business owners with a mentor said that having one was invaluable.” *

Let Stephen help you get the best results for your business.

*Credit: UPS Store

Verity Blake

Elevating your business to the forefront of customers’ minds with the power of modern media

More about Verity

Verity is founder and Managing Director of HeadOn PR, an experienced team of PR and digital creative specialists delivering a full range of media and communication services that elevate brands to the forefront of customers’ minds.

With over 20 years in creative content strategy and media relations, Verity, together with her team, works closely with companies so clients become the customer’s natural first choice.

She does this through:

  • Media relations & press office function
  • Social media
  • Content & messaging strategy
  • News releases (i.e. product launches, appointments, research)
  • Thought leadership campaigns
  • Case studies & blogs
  • Crisis management
  • Award entries
  • Internal communications

Having been PR consultant for some of the most exciting brands globally – Ericsson, Norton security, 3Mobile, 3M, Ovo Energy, First Utility and AXA PPP – Verity is a skilled PR strategist who closely advises organisations on stand out PR ideas that ensure her clients catch the eye and stick in the minds of customers.

With the confidence of experience, Verity and her team will advise on what works as well as what won’t across all external and internal communication channels, and provides analysis on results to demonstrate ROI.


“an outstanding PR consultant that really gets results that count”
“a dedicated, results driven PR specialist … that since working with Verity and HeadOn PR our brand exposure in the media has been phenomenal, and the hits on our website have gone through the roof”


Doug Benson

Generating ideas to breathe life into your brand

More about Doug

If you want bright ideas that breathe life into your new or existing brand, then Doug can help.

As a creative director, Doug helps you maximise opportunities to tell your unique brand story. He does this by designing your visual brand identity and marketing communications across digital, web and print.

He also helps you to:

  • Generate ideas to breathe life into your branding
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Perfect your visual brand identity – inc. colour & type
  • Produce digital, web & print marketing collateral
  • Maintain consistency through brand guidelines
  • Create a fantastic company name & strapline

On top of this, Doug hosts ‘discovery sessions’ to help you identify your ‘why’ – the essence of your brand and why anyone should care.

By working with him, you are shown how to perfect your:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Company naming and straplines.
  • Visual identity – logo design, usage, colour palette, photography & typography
  • Online, printed & digital marketing collateral

Doug believes that the strongest brands come to life when story and design are combined. These two things are symbiotic and when done well sets you apart from the endless sea of competitors.

Doug helps you benefit from increased brand awareness through the design of consistent marketing communications and visual identity.

For ambitious businesses looking to attract, engage and retain dream clients you need to showcase who you are and what your customers can expect from you.

Let Doug help you get your branding spot on.

Dave Harries

Giving you the perfect platform for effective, stress-free communication to your audience

More about Dave

If your company wants a fantastic podcast, you need help from a professional with real broadcasting experience.

Podcasting is now incredibly popular – but it works best, particularly for businesses, if you know how to do it properly.

Dave can create professional podcasts for your organisation from planning through to web distribution.

He can also show you how to do it yourself by:

  • Helping you choose the best podcasting software
  • Acquiring the correct equipment
  • Perfecting your interviewing technique
  • Shining a spotlight on your guests
  • Teaching you how to record, edit & host your podcast
  • Showing you how to raise awareness of your podcast online

If you are a commercial company that runs big live events, whether in person, on-line or hybrid, he can help with that, too.

Using his many years’ experience as a broadcast interviewer, Dave presents and asks questions that help you to:

  • Speak freely about what you care about
  • Express yourself effectively
  • Give audiences the authentic you
  • Show the best of your business, product or service
  • Highlight your USP
  • Feel comfortable in front of a crowd

As the owner of a video production company for over 10 years, you can also contact Dave if you’re looking to produce a high-quality business video.

He can help with:

  • Planning & conception of your video
  • Smooth and high-quality uploading of your video
  • Effective presentation of your video on-line

Let Dave give you a platform to express yourself authentically and effectively.

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