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Public relations

Today’s customer inhabits a digital world where there is an abundance of information and a scarcity of attention. But being able to capture your customers’ attention through this sea of information is essential to grow your business.

However, customers are most responsive to brands they consider credible, trustworthy and that bring real value to their specific needs. If not, it will be your competitors with the better PR and marketing strategy who win their attention.

And did you know, reports show that people will likely pay more for a product that’s perceived as reliable and trustworthy? That’s because familiarity brings comfort and reassurance, which people are prepared to invest in.

We build strong awareness around your company brand, specifically among your target market.

We use the power and validation of the earned media including print and online press and social media, to build your brand’s credibility. Through powerful storytelling techniques and a flow of compelling content, they build the reputation of your business and key people within it, demonstrating to your customers the distinctive ‘value’ you bring to them.

This in turn builds customer trust and confidence in your business – helping to open those sales doors more easily. We will also manage and protect your company’s reputation during times of crisis.

The benefits of PR

  • attract new customers
  • retain existing customers
  • build a strong partner network
  • attract and retain the best talent
  • build strong ‘word of mouth’
  • raise individual profiles as the face of the business or industry

Messaging and storytelling session

At the start of our relationship, we will run a messaging workshop to get under the skin of your business and to develop clear messaging that runs consistently across all sales and marketing collateral. Incorporated within this will be a storytelling session to extract, advise and develop the most compelling content that also aligns for a totally joined up, more powerful sales and marketing strategy.

Our PR services include:

  • PR strategy and planning
  • Press office and media management
  • Social media strategy and content management
  • News stories
  • Thought leadership
  • Newsjacking
  • Media launches and briefings
  • Research-led news campaigns
  • Award entries
  • Internal communications
  • Copywriting

Measuring the value of PR

We will provide you with a media coverage analysis report with detailed metrics on audience reach and engagement to demonstrate the return on your investment.

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