Did you know that over 2.6 billion people use Facebook at least once a month?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. It’s a great place to draw attention to your services and products – but perhaps not such a great platform to advertise software.

If your business wants to make a splash online, then you need to consider whether Facebook is the right platform for you. Local businesses offering services thrive on Facebook – so if you’re one of these, you definitely need to be on there.

But often, I am asked the same question… how do you set up your business page on Facebook?

That’s why I’ve outlined how to do this in below!

Create a personal account

Before you can create a business page on Facebook, you first need to setup a personal account. Facebook requires your business page to be ‘attached’ to a main personal account – almost like a branch coming off a tree.

If you already have a personal Facebook account, then you can skip this step. If you don’t, then read below!

When you first enter the Facebook website, you will see this.



Fill in your details here, and then press ‘Sign Up’ to create a personal account. By following the onscreen instructions, you’ll have a personal Facebook account set up.

Done? Congrats – you can move onto the next step.

Create a business page

Now that your personal account is setup, you need to create a business page. To do this, log out of your personal account and go back to the Facebook homepage. 

If you look below the area where you just filled in your personal details, you’ll see this:



Once you’ve clicked on ‘Create a page’, you will be given two choices: to get started as a Business or brand, or to get started as a Community or public figureMake sure to click on ‘Business or brand’.

Next, you will be asked to login to your personal account. Do this, and continue.

Fill in your details

On the left of your screen, you will be asked to give your:

  • Page name
  • Category
  • Description

It is critical that you fill out all of these sections.

Your page name is the name of your business. Your category is the industry you work in. Your description is a summary of what your company does.

Facebook only allows descriptions up to 255 characters in length. So, keep it concise, accurate and benefit-led (how do you help clients?)!



Once you’ve done this, press ‘Create page’ at the bottom of the screen.

Add images… and away you go!

Last but not least, you need to add a…

  • Profile picture
  • Cover picture

… to your page. For your profile picture, use your company logo.

For your cover picture, you could do one of many things, including:

  • Close up pictures of staff at work – concentrating & enjoying what they’re doing
  • Working & interacting with clients or team members
  • Show yourself using technical equipment involved in your everyday job
  • If you expect people to visit your site, an external shot of the premises is useful for visitors

When taking a banner picture that includes more than one person, make sure to group people together as closely as possible. Ideally, have them touching at the shoulders (of course, not during Covid!) as this will give a better image.

Your banner should also include at least two of the following:

  • Your logo
  • Contact details
  • Your tagline or key selling point

See a great example below: