If you want to communicate freely and authentically with your stakeholders, then setting up a podcast is worth serious consideration. A well-crafted podcast allows you to:

  • Demonstrate your credibility
  • Show off your expertise
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Engage your listeners

You can harness the power of a podcast both externally and internally. If you want to convert listeners into a client, then a podcast can show how amazing you are at your job, and how personable you are as people.

It’s also a superb tool for internal communication within a large organisation. Uniting the entire business – from the shop floor to the CEO – is difficult, but a company-wide podcast can shed light on events from all across the business, and thread your entire workforce together.

Once you’ve decided to setup a company podcast, you have two options: do it yourself, or bring in a professional.

Bringing in a professional will result in a cleaner, more sophisticated finish. They can also guide you through the process, avoiding novice errors and ensuring that your podcast will achieve the goals you have defined.

If you want to do it yourself however, then you need to know how!

Brolly Marketing has been running fortnightly podcasts since April this year, and Buzzsprout has been an invaluable tool for us. The hosting service allows us to measure listeners’ interactions with our podcast episodes, and therefore refine content to match what is drawing most people in.

There are other good platforms that work well for hosting a podcast. If you want to use Buzzsprout effectively, then keep reading for everything you need to know when setting up your podcast on the platform.



A podcast is a great way to connect with your staff, and potential customers

What is Buzzsprout?

Buzzsprout is an online platform that allows you to:

  • Upload your podcasts
  • Set your episode names & descriptions
  • Put your podcasts onto all major platforms
  • Have transcripts & chapter markers for each podcast
  • Embed your podcast episodes into your website
  • Review stats on each of your episodes
  • Monetize your podcasts, if wanted

Having chapter markers attached to your podcast episodes is a valuable feature, because it allows listeners to jump straight to the part they’re most interested in.

It is an easy to use tool which gathers everything you need to run a podcast in one place.

Buzzsprout enables you to embed your podcast into your business’s website, as seen above

Setting up your podcast

If you have decided on Buzzsprout, then you need to create an account on the platform. Then, upload your podcast episodes!

Remember to give your podcast a name and label each episode accordingly. You’ll also entice potential listeners browsing the podcast platforms by writing a description that:

  • Clearly explains what you talk about
  • Briefly demonstrates your expertise
  • Shows that your podcast is regularly uploaded
  • Mentions who is featured in the episode

Listeners prefer to invest their time in podcasts that are regularly uploaded.

That way, they know that they’ll be able to join you on your podcasting journey and get to know the people behind the mic regularly over a number of episodes.

Considering the paid-for option

Most hosting platforms provide a free / inexpensive service – and Buzzsprout is no different. Like with all hosting platforms, you can then upgrade for more functionality. The paid-for option is different on each platform, so you need to research which platform works best for you.

When using the free version of Buzzsprout, you do not get access to the platform’s full functionality.

The free Buzzsprout version means that:

  • Your episodes are instantly deleted after 90 days
  • You cannot attach transcripts to your episodes
  • Only 2 hours of content can be uploaded each month

Remember that when your episodes are deleted from Buzzsprout, they are deleted from all the other podcast platforms (see section below) too!

By spending $12 (£9.30) each month, you avoid all of the above three difficulties. Your episodes will be kept online indefinitely, you can attach transcripts to all your episodes, and you can upload 3 hours of content each month.

Whilst more costly paid-for plans exist, you’re better off using the free plan or the cheapest paid-for plan at the beginning. When starting out, you’re unlikely to get a huge return on your investment from podcasting – so you don’t want to spend too much.




Buzzsprout offers four different plans that you can sign up to – including a free version!

Submitting to the directories

Your podcast is now up and running on Buzzsprout – so you need it to be visible on the necessary platforms. You can direct people to listen to your podcast via Buzzsprout, if you wish – but it will be easier for them to listen on a platform they already have downloaded.

That’s why you need to follow the instruction on the ‘Directories’ page, to get your podcast listed on all the appropriate platforms. Some of these include:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Amazon Music / Audible
  • Deezer

There are many, many more that you can be listed on. Buzzsprout lists them all for you and gives clear instructions on how to submit your podcast to each one.


Submitting your podcast to the directories makes it available on all major listening problems

Keep uploading!

Your podcast is now properly set up on Buzzsprout, and it’s accessible on all the major podcasting platforms. So, all you need to do is… keep uploading!

If you want to setup and run your podcast, that’s great. Brolly Marketing can help you:

  • Decide on content & format for your podcasts
  • Acquire the correct equipment
  • Decide on the right podcast software for recording & editing
  • Perfect your interviewing technique
  • Advise on on-line hosting & distribution across the web

Alternatively, if you prefer to let us handle the whole project, then we can do that, too.

We will:

  • Help you decide on content & format
  • Give you the option of a professional, broadcast-trained host
  • Record & edit your podcast
  • Upload to an on-line hosting service & arrange for web distribution
  • Advertise your podcast online (e.g. social media) to build an audience

Whatever your situation, we can help bring your podcast to market.

Need some help with your next project?

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