Strategic Business Support and Mentoring

Are you considering a significant step-change to your business? Do you want to become more profitable? Have you been running your business for many years, and now need help with succession or exit planning?

Managing these major business challenges on your own can be both lonely and stressful, especially when you’re making key financial or staffing decisions.

Whatever your immediate or long-term aspirations or challenges, Brolly Marketing has the experience to work with you to find your optimum route forwards.

Overcoming hurdles

Every business owner has faced significant decisions, hurdles or opportunities at some time. Working with experts always improves the outcome, but you need to choose:

  • The right experts
  • The right direction
  • The right place to start

These choices can be difficult to make. Additionally, you need someone to challenge your assumptions and judgements, to ensure that nothing is overlooked in your decision making.

Your sounding board

Having an effective advisor to bounce ideas off and get the benefit of their experience and knowledge is critical to make the best business decisions. Sometimes you need someone to hold you to account, and make sure you keep on the track you have decided to embark on.

Brolly Marketing’s expertise is in helping business owners…

  • Open your eyes to other options
  • See the bigger picture
  • Make the right decisions
  • Invest with the right specialists
  • Anticipate potential pitfalls and opportunities

To get the outcome you want. In the nicest possible way, we ask the difficult ‘under the skin’ questions.

We provide:

  • Profitable and sustainable business advice
  • Usable financial and management information
  • ‘Thorny’ questioning to sense-check your plans
  • Make-over or review of your sales process
  • Guidance on managing staff

We have experience setting-up, running and selling successful businesses. This means that you receive practical, down-to-earth advice and strategies that work.

If you need expert advice from professionals who have ‘been there’, give Brolly Marketing a call on 0203 026 6697 or email

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