It is said that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ – in which case, video is fantastic, because it has a lot of pictures!

Video is a must-have for digital marketing. People typically enjoy watching content rather than reading it, because it’s easier.

Also, Google simply loves it… so it’s great for your Google ranking! You can use video on your:

  • Social media
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Website
  • Youtube channel

Every business claims to be amazing – but customers are far more likely to take action if you show them proof of your expertise.

93% of marketers say they’ve converted a lead into a paying customer by using video online.

I’ve outlined below some key things to consider when producing your marketing video.


Brolly Marketing video to showcase your business

Video is a must-have to showcase what your business does.

We’ve all been there

I know what you’re thinking – ‘I want to make a video but I don’t have any ideas for content!’ Trust me, we’ve all been there.

Your videos on social media must be geared to what your audience wants to know.

A few great ideas for social media video content include:

  • Top tips
  • New announcements
  • Client success stories
  • Testimonial videos from clients

Social media doesn’t like Youtube videos, so make sure to upload the original video file when posting (native posting).

Google promotes websites containing video in their rankings, so it’s an easy way to improve your search ranking.

Google also owns YouTube, and so if you create one or more videos for your site and host them on YouTube, you get more bangs for your buck!

A video on your website should also illustrate the subject of the page it is on.

For example, a webpage about a new product could show a video of that product in use.

It is important that you produce content relevant to your current activities.

By doing this, you stay ahead of the curve and become a trusted source of fresh content in your field.


brolly marketing video testimonials

Testimonials from clients provide great credibility

Your optimum conditions

You have a fantastic video idea – but if your video doesn’t get a few key aspects correct, your viewer will be distracted. Don’t overload your video with information.

You also need to make sure your video is easily viewable – it’s OK to record a video on a smartphone, but make sure you use a tripod!

You should:

  • Avoid background distractions
  • Light your room well
  • Record in high quality
  • Use a microphone for all speech
  • Highlight key messages in your script

Keep your script short and sweet. Remember that not everyone can hear you!

More than 75% of people browsing online don’t have their sound on.

Use video subtitles to make your message clear to people who aren’t listening.


Recording your video in high quality means that your viewer won’t get distracted

Mobile mania

Nowadays, lots of people browse websites on their phone.

If you are going to reel in potential clients who discover your website on their phone, your video must be easily viewable on mobile as well!

Social success

Different social platforms allow different video lengths:

  • Twitter – 2 minutes 20 seconds
  • LinkedIn – 10 minutes
  • Facebook – 4 hours

Keep in mind that the shorter your video is, the more likely your viewer is to watch it.

If your video is going to have a big impact, make your message short and sweet, put critical information at the front and don’t forget your branding.

Alternatively, edit your video down into different key points – you can record one long video and then edit it down into lots of different posts!



video for socil media by brolly marketing

You need to consider your video length for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Make them act!

So you know the basics of creating a fantastic marketing video – but it’s only a valuable tool if your viewer takes action!

At the end of your video include a call to action. This could be:

  • ‘Email us now!’
  • ‘Place an order now!’
  • ‘Call us now!’
  • ‘Visit us now!’

Make sure you give your viewer the appropriate tools to do these things.

This could be your web address, order form, telephone number or email.

You could even give a discount code in your video to reward those who watch your content!

Whatever you do, make it quick and easy for your viewer to take action and enquire after your services.

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