Video Services

You may have noticed that video is everywhere!

Video is ubiquitous now, all over the web and social media, covering a vast range of subjects and content in an equally vast range of quality, from basic webcam and phone footage through to high-end, movie-quality productions.

A brief overview of Honda’s Synchro racing team as it prepares for the next competition.

Why is business video so popular?

There’s no doubt that video is a hugely effective communications and marketing tool. Latest stats tell us 87% of professional marketers use video claiming they get 66% more qualified leads as a direct result. Consumers love it too. People much prefer watching to reading (especially on-line) and websites with video are far stickier than those without. Google SEO loves video, so it helps you get up the search rankings too.

All in all, video really is a must-have for modern websites and social media feeds.

But how does my business use video?

Business has not been slow on the uptake and many organisations now routinely use video for both internal and external communications in a wide variety of styles and formats.

But how do you and your business get in on the video act?

Well with a bit of help and advice it’s not as daunting as you might think. You just need to take a bit of time to think about who the video is aimed at and what you are trying to say.

A look at a revolutionary new temporary roadway solution and the company behind it

What types of video should you consider?

There are lots of ways to use video but here are a few types often used by businesses:

  • Top tips – show off your expertise with excellent advice
  • Product or new service announcements
  • Product demonstrations
  • Instructional videos – how to use your product
  • Client success stories – case studies
  • Testimonial videos – let your clients do the talking for you
  • Company overview
  • Key staff profiles / interviews

What does it cost?

Video had traditionally been seen as an expensive way to communicate, but it doesn’t have to be. You can, of course, do it yourself using a smartphone or your own camera. But even if you want professional video it needn’t cost a fortune.

Our expert producers specialise in creating simple yet effective multiple video content from a single day’s shoot. In other words, you get lots of short effective videos to use on social media and your website, making the cost-per-video excellent value for money.

For example, a simple 1-day professional interview shoot can cost as little as £1,500 and yield 30 or more separate videos!

Where do you start?

Call or email us on 0203 026 6697 or to arrange a free half-hour consultation with our video production experts.

If you decide to go ahead we can organise everything to make sure you get the best possible video to match your business needs, at a cost that makes sense for your budget.

Concert pianist Jan Vriend performs Chopin as we record the event with a multi-camera rig and professional sound recording.

Need some help with your next project?

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