Website Development

Your business is something to be proud of – so your website should be too. Your website needs to create the response you want from your visitor, whether that is buying, enquiring or just to be impressed.

To do this your site needs to:

  • Give your visitors what they want
  • Tell them what you need them to know
  • Look professional, impressive and interesting
  • Create enquiries or responses

If your site works well, you will get the right results from it.

Make it easy for your audience

Your website has just 8 seconds to engage your prospect. It needs to be easy for your audience to choose you. Your website must be:

  • Easy to see what you do
  • Easy to buy or enquire from you
  • Easy to use on all devices
  • Easy to find information
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to find on Google
  • Easy to contact

Killer website copy

Your website is easy for your audience to use – but it needs to be easy for both your visitor and Google to understand!

Without optimum website copy, Google won’t rank you highly in their search engine.

Your copy needs to:

  • Make your client feel important
  • Lead with key benefits (and some features)
  • Avoid complicated jargon
  • Include a call to action
  • Emphasise your USPs
  • Repeat the ‘optimising phrase’ for Google’s benefit

Your optimising phrase is the term associated with what you are writing about – for this page, it would be ‘website development’.

That way, Google knows what you’re talking about and gives your page a better Google ranking as a result.

Did you know that 90% of buyers now check out a company’s website before buying from them?

This makes website copy crucial to grabbing your reader’s attention.

Eye-catching pictures & videos

Your website needs to clearly explain your key services or products. Pictures and videos are a shortcut for reading and a fantastic tool for your website – also, Google loves them!

Research shows that images of happy people sell more products and services. If these happy people are your own staff, it reassures your reader that you are:

  • Real people
  • Careful
  • Expert

If you show real people using your products or services, even better!

Videos including client testimonials and case studies are also a fantastic tool.

By including these, your potential client will trust your company – and be more likely to seek your services.

Your outstanding website is critical to showing your customers how great you are.

This is what Brolly Marketing does – pulls together all the critical component points to produce an impressive, professional website which creates a positive response from your clients.

We also ensure that Google loves you!

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