Lead Generation

Client: Stratasys

Stratasys logo

Stratasys is the world’s leading 3D printer manufacturer. They own a number of different brands, including Makerbot, and Stratasys itself specialises in large machines for industrial design and research businesses – customers include major corporations such as Airbus, VW, and Siemens. The majority of Stratasys’ sales are via their reseller network.

Leads for Resellers

All leads from their reseller network are captured on Stratasys’ central CRM system, provided by Salesforce.

Stratasys had tried to support its resellers previously, with cold calling. But this had not been very productive in creating any more leads.

Reactivating ‘Closed’ Leads

However, close inspection of Stratasys’ database revealed that they already had over 3,000 leads previously marked as ‘closed lost’ – essentially these were enquirers or previous contacts from resellers, who had expressed some interest but had never been properly or consistently followed up by the resellers. The resellers, in common with many smaller businesses, experienced peaks and troughs in their own trading, which sometimes made it hard for them to follow up leads in a consistent manner. We felt this was an area where Stratasys would be able to provide real support to its resellers.

20% Revival Rate

We recommended running a programme of contacting these ‘closed lost’ leads. Sure enough, when we started to call up the ‘closed lost’ leads we generated a 20% revival rate.

As all of these leads were already pre-qualified, at least to some extent, conversion rates have been high, and the sales pipeline has started to fill up.

The success of this UK-based programme has been noticed at head office, and they are now seeking to copy it around the world.


  • Resellers were collecting leads, but were not always able to follow them up
  • Following the ‘closed lost’ leads up generated a 20% revival rate
  • High conversion to sales from already ‘pre-qualified’ leads


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Client: Ariane Poole

ariane poole logo

Ariane Poole is well known as a makeup and beauty guru, especially for older women. She appears regularly on TV and in the press, showing women how they can look their best, and how the right products and application techniques can really improve their look and confidence. Ariane works all over the world, particularly in the USA, Australia, and the UK.

Online Distribution Critical for the Brand

Ariane has developed her own brand of cosmetics, which are particularly well suited to the older customer, as they are formulated to work well with more mature skin types. She has a loyal global fan base. Because her cosmetics are made with high-quality ingredients, they are more expensive to make than most, so online distribution is critical, in order to keep them affordable for Ariane’s customers.

Stuck With an Unwieldy and Over-Complex Site

Ariane saw the need for an online shop some years ago, and originally had a site built using Magento, a well-established e-commerce platform. Although this worked in terms of handling sales, it was difficult to for Ariane and her team to use or update. Some parts of the site also had to be closed down for security reasons, which led to significantly reduced functionality, with no easy route to restore the site.

New Platform Required in 4 Weeks

Ariane approached us to rebuild the site in a more usable way, which would not tie her in to us or any other supplier going forward. This was in October, and the site had to be up and running in time for Black Friday and the Christmas period, so we only had about 4 weeks to migrate all her products and customers from the old Magento site to the new site.

We recommended the site be built using WordPress and WooCommerce – both systems are free and very widely supported. WordPress has well over 50,000 plugins available, so virtually any required functionality can be added with a plugin. WooCommerce is ideal for shops selling relatively small numbers of high-value products – up to 1,000 SKUs is no problem. We added plugins to show prices in local currencies around the world, and added a Stripe payments gateway (significantly cheaper than PayPal).

Easy to Update

With a fresh clean look, which can be easily updated or changed as required, the new site has been doing the business for Ariane, who says “it’s just so much easier to change things around, there’s a lot more flexibility on displaying our products, and my customers can easily find the products they need. Thanks Angus!”

  • We migrated the customer’s shop to a more flexible and simpler system
  • Uses free WooCommerce
  • Customer can make changes in-house
  • WordPress is open-source and widely supported, so customer is not tied to one supplier
  • Site migrated, built, tested and making sales in 4 weeks


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Website Optimisation & Lead Generation

Client: Just Displays

Just Displays is a large-format printing and display company, producing materials for exhibitions, retail, marketing, museums and signage. They are very committed to minimising their environmental impact, and are unusual in the printing industry, as they hold the coveted ISO 14001 environmental quality standard.

Making their website work

‘Our new website isn’t producing the leads we want – can you help us generate quality, regular leads from our site’, asked Graham, MD of Just Displays. Their new site looked the part – nicely eye-catching and full of images. However, it wasn’t presenting to Google well and it lacked many of the marketing techniques needed to impress, engage and get visitors to enquire.

Just Displays wanted to:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate more leads
  • Add an updated blog section and fill it with content
  • Show the diverse services quickly from the home page
  • Impress the visitors and lengthen their stay
  • Create videos for the site

Increasing brand and product awareness

Brolly Marketing streamlined the site to make it clearer to customers the benefits that Just Displays could offer them.

This included:

  • Adding a homepage slider with clear key messages
  • Adding strong ‘calls to action’ on all pages, to generate more leads
  • Simplifying the navigation, using a megamenu with pictures
  • Adding keywords and optimising for search engines throughout
  • Improving the upload facility for artwork

SEO was implemented following keyword research, to establish exactly what display graphics buyers search for in Google. This information was used to:

  • Identify new pages which are needed, and what to call them
  • Re-write the copy to include key search phrases
  • Rename existing pages in accordance with the key offering
  • Add blogs which would attract visitors

5 times more customers and the leads roll in

We had warned Graham that this work usually takes at several weeks to give strong, tangible results. This turned out not to be true! Within the first three weeks we saw a:

  • Five-fold increase in visitors
  • Regular flow of good quality enquiries

Ongoing support

As a result of these successes, Just Displays asked us to host and maintain the website. We regularly update it with new content and ensure that it remains popular with visitors and Google alike.

Cost-effective video

A good website needs to have video to really get traction with prospects and search engines. Just Displays want to try this out without spending a fortune! We recommended their first go at video should be for blogs or just to illustrate how some products worked. As the production quality for these types of video doesn’t need to BBC standards, we knew they could be produced inexpensively.

We chose to create short files to illustrate the new EcoSleeve, a highly sustainable range of exhibition stands and displays. Brolly created these videos in-house at a low cost, and they have shown Graham how powerful video can be!

They are used widely as:

  • Fantastic social media content
  • Eye-catching videos and demos on the website
  • Within E-shots – videos are so much more powerful than words!
  • Supporting Just Display’s sales process

Just Displays were immensely pleased with the final website and the videos used on it. They have since enlisted Brolly Marketing’s services in many other aspects of their marketing strategy. This includes email marketing, the launching of a new company product, and a LinkedIn lead generation campaign.
Just Displays have been a client since 2015.

This is what Graham Green, Just Displays MD, has to say:
“Our website had not been performing very well for a number of years, it required a complete overhaul and refresh. Since handing this project over to Nicola and her team the level and quality of enquires and leads reaching us has increased substantially. Brolly Marketing provides an exceptionally good and very friendly level of service to Just Displays.”

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Brand Development

Client: ARKK

ARKK helps companies simplify the complex world of financial data. By replacing outdated tools with ARKK’s smart technology, finance teams can unify, process and gain insights from their data more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Bringing colour to the grey

ARKK recognised their brand and visual identity didn’t reflect the tone or essence of their business. Their visual identity was a mix of monotone greys and red with stereotypical city skyline photos, and little in the way of personality.

As ARKK have grown, so has their culture, vision, mission and proposition. We held a series of workshop meetings to uncover the true essence of their brand story. From these workshops, the brief was developed for a new visual identity.

Bringing colour to the grey in a world of financial reporting was the concept theme for the visual identity.

Our approach

We conducted a review on the company name, backstory, how the name is used currently and how moving forward the name could be simplified and made more sticky in generating greater brand awareness. The company name officially remains Arkk Solutions for business process but for all things brand identity Arkk Solutions is now ARKK.

Research for visual positioning was presented using moodboards, covering:

  • colour palette
  • visual tone
  • graphical shaping
  • photographic styles
  • typographic styles
  • iconography

A modern vibrant look and feel was selected, with colour gradients to add depth to the visual identity. Clean sans serif fonts were chosen to reflect a simplified way of working, and the photographic style was to be approachable, friendly, casually smart and honest.

Marketing assets

We provided ARKK with a variety of branded templates and tools including PowerPoint, Word and social media. We also advised on design for ARKK’s:

  • Website
  • product collateral
  • iconography
  • infographics
  • animation

How the new identity has been received

Working with the ARKK team was a breath of fresh air. Their positive and adventurous spirit made the creative process fun and exciting.

Brand and visual identity can be completely transformational for businesses. More than just being comfortable or functional, they have to love it. ARKK’s response to their branding and the brand guidelines was incredibly positive – in their words, it is “a piece of art”.

There is a depth to their brand story now that ARKK are proud to share with the world.

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Business Development & Website Creation

Client: PMD Tea

P.M. David Silva & Sons (PMD Tea) is a family company founded as a small independent tea shop which expanded to become a specialist in tea transportation and plantation supply. First established in 1945 in Ceylon’s world famous Dimbula Valley, the business provides and transports the world’s most sought-after teas, hand plucked and ethically sourced.

A fresh opportunity

PMD Tea supplies tea across the world directly to:

  • Hotel chains
  • Clubs
  • Other establishments

For years, consumers have enjoyed PMD Tea at these establishments. However, PMD Tea realised that they were not turning this popularity into further revenue. Consumers, after enjoying their tea, had no way of purchasing more for their own private use.

A significant opportunity existed for PMD Tea to provide an online retail site where consumers, having enjoyed their tea, could make further purchases.

Quarterly revenue up by almost 500%

By implementing WooCommerce as part of PMD Tea’s website, our associate helped them to sell a wide range of high-quality teas efficiently online. PMD Tea can now make website changes in-house, with no need for high levels of technical support.

The website has been a huge success. Since its launch, PMD Tea has enjoyed impressive results.

Within the first 20 months:

  • Quarterly revenue increased by almost 500%
  • Average Order Value increased by more than 40%
  • 98% of Trustpilot reviews are 5 star
  • Over 40% of orders are generated by repeat customers

Exploring new avenues

One of our associates was brought in by PMD Tea to:

  • Establish the viability of a consumer-facing business
  • Secure the necessary funding for expansion
  • Create a high-quality website to enable the sale of teas to consumers

Working alongside PMD Tea’s Managing Director, one of our associates wrote a business plan that successfully secured funding for this new venture.

We also managed the build, test and deployment of their new website using our expertise in both WordPress and WooCommerce.

This involved using plugins so PMD Tea could offer:

  • Coupons – to attract new buyers
  • Bundles – to increase number of sales
  • Offers – to secure repeat purchase from loyal customers

Site visitors received excellent value for money as a result – and the company’s average order value increased by 40%.

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e-commerce – quick turnaround

Client: Marlow & Henley Wine Co

A few weeks into the Covid crisis, we were approached by a client, who ran a successful drinks wholesale business. With the closure of the hospitality sector, he was looking to diversify his business in to online retail. He was keen to get a website up and running promptly, so that he could react quickly to the changes in the market.

Keeping it local

Our client wanted to keep overheads down to the minimum, and to keep control of the delivery process himself, as third-party fulfilment services were already starting to suffer from disruption.

He determined that the best way to do this was to offer very high-quality products at an extremely competitive price, but with a minimum order value of £40. Sales would be restricted to his local area only, so that he could handle all deliveries using his own vehicles and staff. All deliveries would be free, and usually made next day after order.

This presented some challenges for the website, as minimum order value and local area restrictions don’t come ‘out-of-the-box’ with e-commerce solutions.

Quick implementation

We put together a website using WordPress and Woocommerce, both free systems, with some bespoke code to enable the minimum order amount, and a postcode-based delivery area restriction to keep the service local. This also allows the client to easily expand his service to other areas as soon as he is ready.

Products can be added and amended via CSV upload, which means all the products can be amended at once, which is a huge time-saver.

We advised the client to use Stripe for his payment processing, as accounts can be set up and be running in a couple of hours.

The site was complete in two weeks, with another week’s testing and tweaks, then went live.

Immediate results

The client’s hunch that there would be good demand for his service proved to be bang on – with over 100 orders in the first month, it has covered the setup costs already, and has given the client a great additional income stream going forwards.

  • Quick website build
  • Easy to add and change products
  • Bespoke code for specific requirement
  • Used plugin to control delivery area
  • Competitively priced website to make the project affordable

What the client said:
Whilst I have a good understanding of the sector in which we operate (alcoholic drinks retail), I am not especially ‘techie’ but I had a good idea of how I wanted our new website to look and how I wanted it to work. Angus did a great job of ‘bringing this to life’ quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
He frequently offered sensible and logical solutions to any obstacles in the build process, and crucially – was able to assist us, not just with the website itself, but also the systems required to make the whole e-commerce set-up work – eg: WooCommerce apps, Stripe payment platform, etc. I’ll certainly be working with Angus again on other projects in future.

David Peek, Director – Forty Acres Ltd (Marlow & Henley Wine Co.)

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Branding & Visual Identity

Client: IPC

The IPC (Independent Purchasing Company) are a non-profit making organisation owned by Subway® Franchisees around the world. The function of the IPC is to provide Subway® Franchisees discounts achieved through buying together. Each region around the world has an IPC delivering financial and service benefits through volume purchasing and supply chain operations.

The IPC mission is helping Subway® Franchisees be more profitable and competitive – today and for the future.

Brand evolution

Providing clients with brand and visual identity supporting is not always about change transformation. Companies such as IPC that have been through a brand update need a more tactical approach to rolling out and evolving their identity.

For our clients we act as brand guardians, helping to generate and maintain consistency as marketing assets are created. The marketing teams for larger businesses such as IPC often consist of different functions and include internal brand, digital, campaign, events and product or service marketing. Each have a varied need of requirements for design.

Brand promise

Globally the IPCs share knowledge and opportunity for the benefit of all Franchisees world-wide, so the brand promise to Franchisees has to be consistently maintained and reinforced. The brand and visual identity is the perfect vehicle for this and like all continually improving organisations the identity continues to evolve in support.

Regional needs

The mission for IPC around the world is the same but regionally there are many specific challenges. There’s a constant flow of communications internally between the IPC regions and externally to Franchisees and suppliers that require levels of brand application.

Examples of activity:

Internal brand

  • HR onboarding programmes
  • Purchasing/procurement team infographics
  • Team structure diagrams
  • Team kick-off promotions and events
  • Employee benefit scheme communications
  • PowerPoint decks
  • Signage and office branding


  • Policies and procedures documentation/whitepapers
  • Service level agreements
  • Supplier awards including event branding, promotional design, POS display materials, merchandising, web landing pages, event agendas and registration landing pages, PowerPoint decks, graphics and marketing communications assets

Franchisee facing

  • HTML email design
  • Company review brochures and report & accounts
  • In-store promotions and product branding
  • Quality and support materials
  • Store product and service updates
  • Pricing and equipment updates
  • Staff benefit schemes and work procedures
  • Staff training documentation
  • IPC Franchisee savings and brand performance updates
  • Product and programme branding

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Brand Naming & Identity

Client: OnCue

OnCue transport patients in both public and private healthcare, and work in partnership with respected organisations such as DHL Healthcare and Falck. Their MediCab® service is designed to provide superior transport to those with medical or mobility needs.

The services OnCue provide sits in-between an ambulance and a minicab covering a range of transport needs, whether a routine hospital visit, a Doctors’ appointment, pharmacy or simply a day out.

Brand transformation

For established ambitious and growing businesses like OnCue, they often find themselves at a point where their brand and visual identity no longer fits their core business. Typically, this is for four reasons:
1. Their core services and target market has changed from when they launched.
2. Their existing brand and visual identity was originally designed on a minimal budget or in-house and now needs a redesign to be more professional if they are to stand out from their competition.
3. They have been through a merger or acquisition and their identity has become disconnected.
4. It’s been some time since the business updated their brand identity and it needs a refresh.

Company naming and tagline

For OnCue their traditional market was a taxi service but now 95% of their market is medical and mobility transport. The existing company name and identity wasn’t a good fit for the business. They needed a brand name, tagline and identity that clearly defined their proposition to their market.

We renamed the company to OnCue, a short, memorable name that is easy to speak and spell. We provided OnCue with phrasing and taglines to explain succinctly what they stand for and created the service name Medicabs® for their fleet vehicles.

Brand and visual identity

We worked with the OnCue team via a workshop to establish the businesses core values, market personas, tone of voice, mission, vision, brand story and proposition. This allowed the team to agree the clear sales message and approach for the visual identity design.

The visual concept was design with medical sector influence using clean lines, shaping and colours to reflect a safe, professional, clinical and compliant service.

The result

OnCue have a consistent brand story and visual identity that has enabled the business to be both visible and memorable within their target market. They have been able to influence the market and reinforce their values, which has resulted in winning more public and private healthcare service contracts.

The deliverables:

  • Brand identity
  • Company naming and taglines
  • Visual Identity
  • Website brand influence
  • Leaflets and brochures
  • Company overview
  • Workwear design
  • Vehicle livery design
  • Company stationery
  • Powerpoint and word templates
  • Social media graphics and templates
  • Loyalty and driver cards
  • Display banners, flags and office signage
  • Advertising design
  • Email header, footers and signatures

What the client said:
Doug has been instrumental in helping us launch a successful new brand, consistently providing smart and creative design that supports our business effectively. I highly recommend Doug and his team.
Torsten Brose, Managing Director, OnCue

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Podcast Services

Client: Peak-Ryzex


Innovating communications to help customers to buy

Peak-Ryzex is the leading name in digital supply chain, retail, hospitality and mobile workforce solutions.  Based in Chippenham, UK, they provide integrated hardware, software and support solutions to big-name brands and work with technology partners such as Samsung, Honeywell and Brother.


Helping the salesforce to seamlessly swap to the new ‘online’ selling

With the recent Coronavirus lock-down crisis, Peak-Ryzex were looking for new and innovative ways of communicating to a widely distributed customer base.

This included spreading the words about new:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Partnerships

They also wanted to produce new marketing material, to be used by their salesforce, to assist in the suddenly-online selling process.

Giving the perfect platform for stress-free communication

As the host of each podcast episode, Dave:

  • Introduced the topic
  • Gave scripted introductions on the guests
  • Asked questions to show off the guests’ expertise
  • Facilitated effective, engaging discussion
  • Ensured all relevant topics were covered, as agreed beforehand
  • Kept discussions on-track

Peak-Ryzex benefitted from his years of experience and broadcast training, which maximised the enjoyment for the podcast guests. That way, they had a professional and comfortable platform to express themselves.

Dave also ensured that the recordings were conducted using specialist cloud-based software. This was beneficial, as it:

  • Allowed local capture of high-quality audio files
  • Enabled these files to be imported into a professional Workstation
  • Ensured that podcast editing was to a high standard

That way, the four different remote voices overlapped seamlessly in each episode – despite not being in the same room at the time of recording.

Communicating with an online audience

Dave Harries, Brolly Marketing associate, was brought in by Peak-Ryzex to help them explore new and innovative communication strategies.

Shortly after, they commissioned Dave to create a series of B2B podcasts, featuring professional interviews with experts from Peak-Ryzex’s technology partner network. This was to be done entirely on-line.

Dave set up individual information calls for podcast participants, briefing them on:

  • What to expect
  • Acquiring equipment to create the best audio environment
  • Times & dates for the recordings to take place

He also relaxed participants and reassured them of the value they could bring to the podcast. That way, a successful recording was far more likely.

Maintaining effective contact with an online audience

The first 8 podcasts were delivered on time and with no technical problems. 

By consulting with Dave on the best marketing strategies, Peak-Ryzex was then able to:

  • Download the finished audio files
  • Upload to their own podcast hosting provider
  • Distribute the podcast widely
  • Maximise the podcast’s visibility on-line & in the industry

The response to these podcasts was excellent. Peak-Ryzex benefitted from:

  • 100s of downloads
  • Thousands of page impressions
  • Regular compliments on the quality of the podcast
  • Additional marketing materials to assist the salesforce

The Peak-Ryzex salesforce was able to enhance their interactions with clients and prospects.

Peak-Ryzex has now commissioned a second set of 9 podcasts from Dave. These are currently in production, with a staged roll-out to start in late July.

You can view the completed podcasts by clicking here.

What Peak-Ryzex said:

“It has been incredibly refreshing working with Dave Harries on a series of recent Podcasts. Dave is the consummate professional and clearly a master of his art. From creating a Podcast best practice platform, steering first time participants through briefing sessions to delivering excellent quality output, Dave has been a pleasure to work with. As an organisation, Peak-Ryzex have received very positive feedback following the Podcast broadcast, which resulted in the number of downloads exceeding our expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dave.”

Teresa Poole, Commercial Marketing Manager, Peak-Ryzex plc

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Lead Generation

Client: iSales Academy

iSales Academy is a specialist sales, technical and leadership apprenticeship and training provider, based in Watford. They design and deliver high quality, innovative apprenticeship schemes and bespoke training programmes that help their clients’ customers to develop sales and/or technical capability.

When two Brolly Marketing executives started a sales apprenticeship with iSales Academy, the company’s Managing Director, Lisa Clark, experienced close-up how Brolly Marketing works.

When they later needed help generating and qualifying leads, they came straight to us, as they knew first-hand how successful our B2B lead generation process is.

Exceeding expectations – by far!

At the outset, iSales Academy identified what success looked like: 1 hot lead and 25 new LinkedIn connections for the MD per month.

Brolly Marketing far surpassed these expectations:

  • 4 hot leads (4 times expectation)
  • 23 active conversations (an added significant bonus)
  • 150 new connections (6 times expectation)

This represents huge value for money – and we are now rolling out this trial to new courses and marketplaces. Initial indications are very positive for iSales Academy.

Generating more leads (and brand awareness)

iSales Academy’s outstanding reputation ensures that enthusiastic recruits seeking an apprenticeship beat a path to their door. They want to make sure that these talented individuals are matched to the right firm – this creates a win-win situation, for both company and new apprentice.

Brolly Marketing was asked to find companies looking to invest in recruiting and training new apprentices or to upskill their existing staff.

LinkedIn offers the best route for iSales to find, and then engage with, the right person in the right company, using their skill, tenacity and a well-constructed communication strategy.

The aim was to:

  • Identify & approach ‘best-fit’ MDs, based on company profile
  • Demonstrate to MDs apprentices give an outstanding RoI
  • Significantly increase awareness of iSales Academy

This was to be done through a comprehensive LinkedIn lead generation campaign. Meticulous records were kept, so that return on investment could be measured and several different target audiences were tested to find the optimum focus.

iSales has an outstanding reputation, and we were very aware that we were representing them, live, in a public domain. Additionally, iSales were as keen as Brolly Marketing to have our apprentices put ‘in the front line of the campaign’ to grow their experience and knowledge, working closely with Lisa – a partnership which work very well.


What iSales Academy said:

“Brolly Marketing helped us to generate multiple new leads in a very short space of time.

They followed the agreed campaign plan and remained within iSales Academy’s budget requirements, giving us a huge return on our investment.

I look forward to working with them for a long time to come, and would highly recommend their services to other businesses wanting to generate more leads.”

Lisa Clark, Managing Director, iSales Academy

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